Want to try Brainswarming for WCIW April 15 – 21?

Here’s a different technique to use in place of brainstorming during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 -21, you know, for the people who say they are already creative….

Brainswarming was developed by Tony McCaffrey (tony@innovationaccelerator.com) who researches and develops innovation tools at Innovation Accelerator, Inc. Brainswarming is the latest tool to emerge from his research and will soon become an online platform for remote group work. A game version of Brainswarming is also available. Follow him @DrTonyMcCaffrey. His HBR Brainswarming post can be read here.

Note: In his article McCaffrey says Brainstorming doesn’t work and that there’s no research to support it.  Dr. John Cabra from the International Center for Studies in Creativity disproves that by offering these two brainstorming research sources:

Isaksen, S. G., & Gaulin, J. P. (2005). A reexamination of brainstorming research: Implications for research and practice. Gifted Child Quarterly, 49(4), 315-329.

Firestien, R. L., & McCowan, R. (1988). Creative problem
solving and communication behavior in small groups.
Creativity Research Journal, 1, 106–114.

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