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Use your creativity. Do what you can leading up to and after WCID April 21 every year.

Your creativity is needed to help transition from today’s chaos to create a clarity around decision-making.

What if every decision we make contributes to our having, living in, sharing and promoting a healthy planet?

Our systems are broken. Your creativity is being challenged, in a good way.

Here’s where we are today (from a presentation by Mark Stevenson). Evidence of broken systems, in broad brush strokes:

  • We have lost trust in institutions that govern us
  • Democracy is in retreat – we use a 19th-century system to deal with 21st-century challenges
  • Media sets us against each other; divides us
  • Energy use is unsustainable
  • Healthcare is often a labyrinth of ‘sick care’ rather than reinforcing and sustaining ‘healthiness’
  • The financial system is riddled with risk and short-term-ism
  • Our education systems are stuck in the 1950’s
  • More than half employees hate their jobs – recognizing they are working in a morally blind system that no longer serves the needs of our future.
Imagine applying your creativity – new ideas, new decisions, new actions for new outcomes – to create a decent life for all on a sustainable planet.

What if, instead for example,

  • We had trust in institutions that govern us
  • Democracy is shaped to deal with 21st-century challenges
  • Media unites us
  • Energy use is sustainable
  • Healthcare reinforces and sustains ‘healthiness’
  • The financial system is geared toward the long-term
  • Our education systems are future looking
  • More than half employees like their jobs. They recognize they work in a moral system that serves the needs of our future.
See what you can do.
Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21.
Find a way to make a creative and meaningful difference.


World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 Observed in Provincial Legislature!

On April 19, 2017,  Mr. Cameron Westhead, MLA for Banff-Cochrane, Alberta, Canada announces World Creativity and Innovation Week, April 15-21 on the floor of the Alberta, Canada legislature.
In honour of the week, he highlights the creative and innovative approach the Government is making life better for Albertans.

Thank you for your leadership, Mr. Westhead!