WCIW 2017

World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, 2017

World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21 every year.

WCIW2017 celebrations are listed below the map. Is your country represented? Is your organization aligned?

Show your presence and support of new thinking and new futures by celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 this year.  Add your celebration/activity: Complete: Partner with World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21.   Spread the word. Invite others to join. Your friends, family, colleagues, committees, agencies, communities… follow @worldcreativity

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April 15-21 actions

Thank you all for your leadership!

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Australia flagI am organising a dinner with purpose for my friends. This includes a fast-tracked service design jam to generate creative ways in which we can make a difference to the world. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne sci-fi author and former teacher, Robert Gennari wants to celebrate innovation and creativity! So… to celebrate this year’s World Creativity & Innovation Week (WCIW) 2017, Robert is taking his love for all things creative on the road!!!

We would like to invite your school to be part of our WCIW – BATTLE FOR SKEPTRON SCHOOL ROADSHOW 15-21 April 2017!

We are offering a unique opportunity for students to participate in creative and innovative workshops with Robert ahead of his appearance at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne and the Gold Coast in late April.

The book has had huge success with endorsements from Lord of the Rings cast members as well as the Australian literary community.

The workshops will entail readings and communications skills, as well as an opportunity to experience a fun and interactive martial arts workshop with Rob, who is also an Australian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion and a qualified wrestling coach.

For further information please click on attached links for the brochure and booking form or please contact us on 0424 520 345 or aisling@aislingenterprises.com.au
Battle for Skeptron – WCIW School Roadshow, Melbourne, Australia

The Arts & Creativity is one of the three key strategic priorities at St Mark’s Anglican Community School. The School is committed to increasing our focus on the arts, creativity, and innovation.
St Mark’s Anglican Community School, Perth, Australia

University of South Australia, SA


We will organize two events – in Sofia and in Varna celebrating Creativity as a way of living for adults. Two celebrations of creativity with children in two kindergartens. InSpiral, Sofia, Bulgaria

Career/Lifeskills Resources Inc
Aurora, ON Canada


3rd edition of Semana CI, Bucaramanga Colombia organized by IKU innovation, for further details please visit semanaci.com

This year we have invited the academy, well-known companies, and public sector to propose challenges, which will be addressed with creative problem-solving methodologies. The week’s activities begin on Monday,  April 17 and end on Friday, April 21. The themes are as follows:

  • Disruptive Education
  • The most Creative day in History
  • Building Sustainability
  • Productivity and competitiveness
  • Technology + Health

That’s pretty much our event if you have any suggestion or idea to improve the event or if you want to participate, please contact us at eventos@iku.com.co
Semana CI, Bucaramanga Columbia

Help people using the freedom experience from suffering with open up the New World to contribute to take part in the Innovations, González, Reys & Cia, Chia, Columbia

We have been coordinating Innovation Days celebrations in several countries of Latin America for 5 years now. We started in Bogotá and expanded to México, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Honduras, Nicaragua. With other innovations leaders, we have held different types of activities, including brainstorming sessions, seminars, and others, some of them reaching more than 500 participants.

The Network (www.reddeinnovacion.org or http://www.facebook.com/reddeinnovacion.org ) is a “crowddoing” initiative where everybody puts time and energy to build relations and share knowledge about innovation. Red Iberoamericana de Innovacion, Bogata, Columbia

Durante toda la semana planeamos realizar junto con otras organizaciones educativas, gremiales y gubernamentales una serie de conferencias, foros, exposiciones, etc.

Throughout the week we plan to perform along with other educational organizations, guilds and Government a series of conferences, forums, exhibitions, etc. Yancor Coaching and Mentory, San Salvador, El Salvador


For WCIW April 15-21, we scheduled several events on the theme: “Express your “I” in Paris. The events are free and welcome to all:

  • a roundtable with a panel of artists, scientists, artisans. Several experts in mathematics, music, art and sculptor paintings, violin-makers… will explain how they consider the links between their object of research, their life and their personality
  • a visit of Paris for discovering composers and interprets famous places
  • a creative workshop/brainstorming to improve quality of life and express better what we are day after day (this meeting is lead by a psychologist and an artist).
  • a creative workshop market (sort of junk shop) to benefit to our non-profit organization.

Our non-profit organization Inventio is created to serve the projects of today’s young talents, a sort of research laboratory, or platform of expression, serving their creativity.

We scheduled over 2016-2017 a concerts series called “Express your ‘I’. Each month, a novel performance, distinguished by its personal underlining thematic cord, linking the works between them, a poetic, esthetic or educational link. Red wire of the season: Program themes beginning with the letter i around meaning with playfulness. For examples concerts’ programs and titles: “Intemporel”, “Impressionnisme”, “Inaccessibles maîtres : les compositeurs face à leurs modèles”, “Isentropique”, etc.

We are very pleased and honored to become a partner of WCiW.
inventio (association) augers en Brie, France

Coach and Train People in Organization, School. I have “Ignite Potential Day”. We Plan to get People and students to come with idea for “Entrepreneurial Creativity.” Potential Genesis HR Services LLP, Chennai, India

The creation of a creative hub for ages 11-18 years old to Ignite creativity in young people through various trendy digital mediums and creative thinking tools to disrupt the conventional perceptions of “only gifted people are creative, that creativity is only about the arts and creativity cannot be taught.”

Studio Be aims to nurture “practical creativity” in youth while using various digital mediums like photography, filmmaking, design and social media platforms. Through a process-based hands-on approach, working with different creative thinking tools, inspirational instructors, open forums with renowned speakers from different industries, real life relevant projects with the aim of impacting the society to having our very own youth creative exhibitions, we challenge the conventional perception of the need of being an artist to be creative. Studio Be, Amman, Jordan

“The best way to celebrate is the recognition and support for young people in my country to get suitable jobs for them because they have creative ideas.
Amman, Jordan

Based in Luxembourg (Europe), we are interested in promoting and being a partner of your creativity week. Creativity is a cross-border and cross-generational topic, and we are entering a new world we have to re-invent.

We are launching our Global NoAgeSharing Week (24 -30 April 2017). A photo contest will be the highlight of that week. NoAgeSharing, Redange, Luxembourg

flag_of_nigeria-svgProduct development (local food drying and packaging), community water recycling for agricultural use and sustainable public procurement in Nigeria.
Energy efficiency through the use of lower energy saving appliances to reduce consumption and increase the availability of power in Nigeria. Book development and new appliances renting strategies to reduce consumption I don’t need to buy an energy consuming appliance when you can rent it and save energy and cost of buying. Using social media (whats-up) in B2B business in Nigeria see before you buy with home delivery services. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria

We are making a short film during World Creativity and Innovation Week that has been written by Northern Irish novelist and screen writer Colin Bateman and directed by me, Declan Keeney. This short live-action drama is designed to appeal to young people who are thinking about joining the paramilitaries not to do it. Once again a growing problem in our disadvantaged neighbourhoods. This cycle has to stop. We are using our creativity for positive community action. The film will be taken into these communities and screened followed by discussions with young people about the issues raised. It will also be available on social media to reach a wide audience. It’s using creativity for social change. Queen’s University Belfast/The Playhouse, Belfast, Northern Ireland @declankeeney

IGNITE 2017: Globe’s Education Innovation Conference is specially designed to inspire design thinking, innovation, and transformational change in our schools.poster-1-18-x-24-01-no-sponsors

A series of expert talks, workshops, exhibitions, and activities are carefully curated and customised to spark exciting fresh ideas and develop solutions suited to meet the needs and challenges of schools and the new generation of students. Together we #LeadTheWay. Globe Telecom, Manila, Philippines

portugal flag
This year we will:
– be running a week of creativity courses to help individuals and businesses to harness their creativity skills. We will also be sending monthly emails in support of WCIW, to promote the event and creativity.
Celebrate the creativity in the company of like-minded people with yummy home cooked food, and open mind people…

Torrance Center® is a Portuguese organization, which operates focusing on the 4 key skills to the 21st century for successful people and institutions: Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking and Collaboration. We seek to achieve Excellence through creativity and emotional intelligence.

For the fifth consecutive year, Torrance Center® promotes Future Problem Solving Program International, all over Portugal, reaching children, youth and adults who want to become more creative and consequently be the ones who will promote innovation in our world/country!

We introduced also Destination Imagination nationwide in Portugal, promoting complementary creative and innovation skills among Portuguese children and students until university level.

These are yearlong programs/competitions based on the Creative Problem Solving process, and their Finals take place in September, with a partnership with Porto University, gathering each year about 500 creative Portuguese persons in a 3 days-long event.

During April 2017 will occur the Qualifying Problem, in which 50 teams, from all over Portugal, will analyze a Futuristic Case Study and develop an Action Plan based on Creative Problem Solving methodology. From 15th to 21st April, certificated creative evaluators will produce evaluation reports to every team who had submitted its Action Plan.

Torrance Center® develops each year a set of workshops and training sessions on Creativity and Creative Problem Solving. Since 2015, we participate in World Creativity and Innovation Week, with some creative acts planned for the week.
Torrance Center, Porto, Portugal

This is the second time, we celebrate Leonardo’s birthday and the creativity and innovation week in the MINDSHAKE House in Porto.

This year we open the week on the 15 of April (Easter Saturday and Leonardo’s 565 birthday) with the exposition “Leonardo’s Egg”. Designers, painters, photographers, jewelry designers, etc. will expose in total 33 EGGS which will be auctioned. But our visitors can’t get the artworks for money, but only by offering other products or services. In the end of the creativity week, on 22 of April, each author will get a list with all offers done for her/his EGG to choose the one he/she will accept.

Participants in the exposition are:
Alexandre Jacinto, Alex Pereira, Ana Menezes, André do Estaminé, Andrew Howard, António de Almeida Mattos, Áurea Praga & Katja Tschimmel, Braulio Roriz, Carlos Marques, Emílio Remelhe, Francisco Laranjo, Francisco Providência, Helena Cordeiro, Ícaro Pintor, Inês D’Orey, Inês Sobreira, Irena Übler, João Cruz, João Nunes, José Saraiva, Luis Gémeo, Mª Dulce & João R. Barata Feyo, Mariana Mattos, Marta Varzim, Miguel Bandeira, Né Santelmo & Pedro Leão, Nick Redgrave, Nicoló Galeazi, Patrícia Iglésias, Pedro Lobo, Sandra Barão Nobre, Susana Fernando, Teresa Dantas.

Although in general the names of the artists/designers are known, the author of each work is only revealed at the end of the auction. To see the 33 EGGs of Leonardo, on 15/4 have a look at https://www.facebook.com/mindshake.pt/

The week from 17 – 21 of April, the Mindshake House will be the home for several events: 3 workshops (Dragon Dreaming, Mind Mapping and Design Thinking), 2 Talkshaking evenings (about Childrens’ Creativity, and about the method of Cross Industry Innovation) and 1 Drinkshaking on the evening 21st to celebrate the end of the creativity week with the revelation of the authors of the 33 EGGs of Leonardo.

For the specific programme, consult our blog, facebook or Linked in:
MINDSHAKE, Porto, Portugal

Social innovation teaching for be free thinker. Designthinking Today, Lulea, Sweden



Book launch on April 21, “Innoveer Jezelf”
(Innovate Yourself)
Gijs van Wulfen


During WCIW 2017 week we plan to organize several events on:
– creativity, design thinking
– innovations and digital technologies
– music and art.

It will be a part of our University co-working activity and creation of creative industries clusters:

  • In Creativity section we’ll organize several workshops on STEAM and brainstorm new creative ideas (in the form of hackathon).
  • In Innovations and Tech section we’ll present digital innovations for urban entrepreneurship and smart cities, especially in the field of culture and heritage.
  • In Art section we’ll provide several workshops and music performances using vj-ing and video-mapping.

National University of Water Management and Environmental Engineering,
Rivne, Ukraine

On the 21st April the University of Kent is opening its doors for you to experience first hand how the University is bridging the gap between science, technology and art.

Join us for a morning of innovation, creativity, and enterprise, with inspiring talks and workshops showcasing the University’s academic excellence and world-leading research.

For more information and to register your attendance please visit our event page on the link at University of Kent.  University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

During WCIW we will publish Creative Academic Magazine #6 on the theme of ‘Exploring the Role of the Body in the Process of Creation’ guest edited by Lisa Clughen, Nottingham Trent University and facilitate an online discussion on the role of the Body in the Process of Creation on the #creativeHE platform. We welcome your involvement in this conversation. It’s a topic that is rarely discussed in higher education. Creative Academic, Global creativity hub for networking and resources, UK

Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referring Unit, Milton Keynes, UK

Ignite Your Creativity Creative Supper Club as part of World Creativity & Innovation Week 2017

Thursday 20th April 2017
Dinner & Drawing
6.45pm – 9.45pm
BOOK – http://bit.ly/DandDApril17W_H_O_L_E

Treat yourself to a healthy, mega tasty & hands-on art making creative supper club.
With guest chef Hannah Kate-Meredith from the Meredith Siblings vegan wellbeing food company W_H_O_L_E

In the relaxed company of like-minded people, you will enjoy yummy home cooked food and experience the power of gentle & playful creative exercises and great conversation. The whole experience is designed to open you up to more everyday ways of being more open to create…

Spring is springing so what a perfect way to ignite your creativity! Dinner & Drawing is a creative supper club set up to create a more centred & down to earth way to combine the best of supper clubs & creative workshops…

Price for the event = £30* / Buy 2 tickets for yourself & a friend = £50
which includes a lovely home made meal, soft drinks, and all arty materials.
If you want to BYO.
* 10% from each booking is donated to The Hunger Project UK – creatively re-thinking world hunger. Open To Create, London, UK @opentocreate

us flag
Burble Creativity Inc. Rancho Cucamonga, California

Florida Film Academy, FL, US (here’s the link to their 2016 page http://flfilmacademy.com/creativity-week-2016/)and their partners:

Florida Hospital Winter Garden
Winter Garden Village shopping mall
Royal Society of Arts
Observer Media Group Florida
Orlando science Centre
My Central Florida Family
Drone Academy

New Mexico
A gathering to explore the role of creativity in, and for, outer space. InterGalactic Cultural Relations Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico

New York
WCIW 17 will be integrated into all of my courses and the course syllabus. PPCo’s (Pluses, Potentials, and Concerns) of involvement in WCIW proved that students empowered themselves with the planning out of WCIW week, something that many students shared they had never been asked to do. It’s a Beautiful thing! The actual act of creativity will emerge when  Spring 2017 begins. Erie Community College, Buffalo, NY

We will use our media channels and global partner network to promote challenge (and some solutions) to the question: “What might be all of the ways we could improve the world’s ability to collaborate and creatively solve problems?”
New & Improved, Paul Smiths, New York

Educators and community will be exploring ways to inspire greater innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking in schools and students. ICE Edcamp Rochester – April 12th. This free event will take place at the Creative Village Gate Square using an unconference model. Monroe 1 BOCES, Rochester, NY @ICEroc  http://bit.ly/ICE-edCamp-2017

World of Scouting Movement

Creative Aerobics is my act of creativity for WCIW2017.
Creative Aerobics is a radical new way to speed up the creative process through the technique of `creative aerobics’. This concept uses four mental exercises that develop elasticity between the left and the right brain – the analytical and creative sides – allowing them access to solutions outside their present problem-solving techniques.

Key features of this technique are: it is process driven; participative; increases productivity of ideas, without anxiety; and it is rooted in what participants do on a regular basis.

Along with two editions of a book, third one in the making, hundreds of professionals using it successfully, a TEDx talk has also been done on it. Creative Aerobics will be a fitting addition to the WCIW.
Penn State University, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA


Open minds, hearts, eyes to new ideas, new decisions, new actions: one week worldwide

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