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World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, 2017.

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Commitments World Wide to Celebrate #wciw2017:

Today’s count:  16 commitments; 5 countries.

Florida Film Academy, FL, US (here’s the link to their 2016 page http://flfilmacademy.com/creativity-week-2016/) and  their partners:

  • Florida Hospital Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden Village shopping mall
  • Royal Society of Arts
  • Observer Media Group Florida
  • Orlando science Centre
  • My Central Florida Family
  • CodeTeachers
  • Drone Academy

University of South Australia, SA

New and Improved, Paul Smiths, NY, US

World of Scouting Movement

Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referring Unit, UK

Booklaunch on April 21, “Innoveer Jezelf” (Innovate Yourself)
Gijs van Wulfen, the Netherlands

Burble Creativity Inc. Rancho Cucamonga, California, US

Career/Lifeskills Resources Inc, Aurora, ON Canada


Intentions World Wide to Celebrate #wciw2017:

Today’s count:  11 intentions; 8 countries.


Help people using the freedom experience from
suffering with open up the News World to contribute to take part in the Innovations
González, Reys & Cia, Chia, Columbia


FRAN0001For the WCIW April 15-21, we scheduled several events on the thema : “Express your “I” in Paris. The events are free and welcomed to all :
– a round table with a panel of artists, scientifics, artisans. Several experts in mathematics, music, art and sculptor paintings, violin-makers… will explain how they consider the links between their object of research, their life and their personality,

  • a visit of Paris for discovering composers and interprets famous places
  •  a creative workshop/brainstorming to improve quality of life and express better what we are day after day (this meeting is lead by a psychologist and an artist).
  •  a creative workshop market (sort of junk shop) to benefit to our non-profit organization.

Our non-profit organization Inventio is created to serve the projects of today’s young talents, a sort of research laboratory, of platform of expression, serving their creativity.

We  scheduled over 2016-2017 a concerts series called “Express your ‘I’. Each month, a novel performance, distinguished by its personal underlining thematic cord, linking the works between them, a poetic, esthetic or educational link. Red wire of the season : Program themes beginning with the letter i around meaning with playfulness. For examples concerts’ programs and titles : “Intemporel”, “Impressionnisme”, “Inaccessibles maîtres : les compositeurs face à leurs modèles”, “Isentropique”, etc.
We are very pleased and honored to become a partner of WCiW.
inventio (association) augers en Brie, France


225px-Flag_of_India.svgCoach and Train People in Organization, School. I have ” Ignite Potential Day “. We Plan to get People and students to come with idea for ” Entrepreneurial Creativity ”

Potential Genesis HR Services LLP, Chennai, India


Flag_of_Jordan.svgThe creation of a creative hub for ages 11-18 years old to Ignite creativity in young people through various trendy digital mediums and creative thinking tools to disrupt the conventional perceptions of “only gifted people are creative, that creativity is only about the arts and creativity cannot be taught.”

Studio Be aims to nurture “practical creativity” in youth while using various digital mediums like photography, filmmaking, design and social media platforms. Through a process-based hands-on approach, working with different creative thinking tools, inspirational instructors, open forums with renowned speakers from different industries, real life relevant projects with the aim of impacting the society to having our very own youth creative exhibitions, we challenge the conventional perception of the need of being an artist to be creative. Studio Be, Amman, Jordan


flag_of_luxembourg-svgBased in Luxembourg (Europe), we are interested in promoting and being a partner of your creativity week. Creativity is a cross-border and cross-generational topic , and we are entering a new world we have to re-invent.

We are launching our Global NoAgeSharing Week (24 -30 April 2017). A photo contest will be the highlight of that week.
http://www.noagesharing.com/en/category/globalnoagesharingweek/ NoAgeSharing, Redange, Luxembourg


flag_of_nigeria-svgProduct development (local food drying and packaging), community water recycling for agricultural use and sustainable public procurement in Nigeria.
Energy efficiency through the use of lower energy saving appliances to reduce consumption and increase availability of power in Nigeria.
Book development and new appliances renting strategies to reduce consumption i don’t need to by an energy consuming appliance when you can rent it and save energy and cost of buying.
Using social media(whats-up) in B2B business in Nigeria see before you buy with home delivery services. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria


ukraineflagDuring WCIW 2017 week we plan to organize several events on:
– creativity, design thinking
– innovations and digital technologies
– music and art.

It will a part of our University co-working activity and creation of creative industries cluster:

  • In Creativity section we’ll organize several workshops on STEAM and brainstorm new creative ideas (in the form of hackathon).
  • In Innovations and Tech section we’ll present digital innovations for urban entrepreneurship and smart cities, especially in the field of culture and heritage.
  • In Art section we’ll provide several workshops and music performances using vj-ing and video-mapping.
    National University of Water Management and Environmental Engineering, Rivne, Ukraine


us flag


New Mexico

A gathering to explore the role of creativity in, and for, outer space. InterGalactic Cultural Relations Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico

New York

WCIW 17 will be integrated into all of my courses and the course syllabus. PPCo’s (Pluses, Potentials and Concerns) of involvement in WCIW proved that students empowered themselves with the planning out of WCIW week, something that many students shared they had never been asked to do. It’s a Beautiful thing!
The actual act of creativity will emerge when the Spring 2017 begins. Erie Community College, Buffalo, NY

We will use our media channels and global partner network to promote challenge (and some solutions) to the question: “What might be all of the ways we could improve the world’s ability to collaborate and creatively solve problems?” New & Improved, New York


Creative Aerobics is my act of creativity for WCIW2017.
Creative Aerobics is a radical new way to speed up the creative process through the technique of `creative aerobics’. This concept uses four mental exercises that develop elasticity between the left and the right brain – the analytical and creative sides – allowing them access to solutions outside their present problem-solving techniques.

Key features of this technique are: it is process driven; participative; increases productivity of ideas, without anxiety; and it is rooted in what participants do on a regular basis.

Along with two editions of a book, third one in the making, hundreds of professionals using it successfully, a TEDx talk has also been done on it. Creative Aerobics will be a fitting addition to the WCIW.
Penn State University, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Open minds, hearts, eyes to new ideas, new decisions, new actions: one week worldwide

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