How WCIW Global Began

WCIW Logo from 2002 – 2012

World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 launched May 25, 2001 in Canada. It started in a conversation instigated by creativity expert Marci Segal, with Canadian creativity practitioners/facilitators John Sedgwick and Paul Rousseau of Ontario and Jacynthe Bedard of Quebec.

Creativity crisis headline

The Backstory

Marci saw the headline, and called the others. “There’s plenty of creativity in Canada,” she said. “People just don’t know it when they see it or, they swat at it when it shows up differently from what they expect.  Wouldn’t it be great if people knew how to use their natural ability to generate new ideas, make new decisions and/or take new actions?  We can help. How might we bring awareness that everyone has creative ability and can use it to shape the future?”

World Creativity and Innovation Day April 21 resulted from that conversation. It was chosen as time to encourage people to use their creativity to make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too.

April 2002 – first celebrations happened in the Netherlands, Bangkok,Thailand, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Chicago, US,  Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario.

A yahoo group formed, people joined from all over the world – US, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Over the years the celebrations began happening in other places too, Belarus, India, Australia, Egypt, Peru, Chile, India, Malaysia, UK, Italy, France, and throughout the US.

leonardodavinciOver the beginning years country celebrants asked for a longer period to extend their programs.  They wanted people to have more than a day to use their creativity and make something from it. As a result, World Creativity and Innovation Day became World Creativity and Innovation Week in 2005 that began on April 15.  Coincidentally, Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday is also that day.

15 Years Later

WCIW Global logo 2013
WCIW Global logo from 2013

In schools, online, in factories, businesses, communities and homes, the celebration continues. More and more people world-wide take advantage of a time to deliberately generate new ideas, use imagination and make new decisions to make a difference and in many ways.

Now, 15 years later, over 105 communities, businesses and schools across 50 + countries celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW) April 15 – 21.

World Creativity and Innovation Week Global Logo 2014
World Creativity and Innovation Week Global Logo 2014 created by Vanessa Chaplin of Calgary, AB.

Please join in!  Everyone is welcome to take part. Whether you are in a business or school, at home, government, virtually or on the factory floor. You can do it in the street, on the bus, at the mall.  Doesn’t matter where.

What matters is this: during #WCIW do good, do something different, inspire new thinking and new action, help people feel their potential to make a positive difference.

WCIW Global Logo 2014
WCIW Global Logo 2014

Think it’s doable?  To get everyone on the planet involved celebrating their creativity, using it AND doing good at the same time? Wanna be a part of something fun?

Let’s see if we can tweet trend it.  tweet everyone beginning April 15th every year.

Happy World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21. It’s in you, use it, do good, go!#wciw http://wp.me/PAj4T-OY

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