Education systems in the region are stifling children’s creativity

Dubai: Universities and schools in the region are stifling children’s creativity, a new study commissioned by Dubai Knowledge Village has found.

A whooping 73 per cent of the 5,891 respondents, who were surveyed in a poll, agreed that creativity is currently being restricted by the education system in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.


The survey also stressed the need of creativity in the work force, with 89 per cent saying that creative thinking and related skill sets are very important for getting a job in today’s market.

Teaching creativity: born that way or waiting for the muse?

“What I’ve come to understand is that teaching creativity is not about dishing out a set of instructions how to do it, but much more about helping students to identify the kinds of situations or conditions they need for this receptiveness to occur.”


Professor explains how she helps students get beyond the 18th century Romantic view of the artist as a genius, one of a kind, a great original, and into their own creative space.  Good read for everyone, even those not in the arts.

Creativity Course (MOOC) starts Monday

Here’s a great way to get inspired for World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 to 21. Engage in Buffalo State’s free online creativity course.

It’s a great way to learn/relearn about the discipline of creative studies and apply your insights to a meaningful project. Make sure to come back after the program to enter your creative/innovative act for WCIW 2015 April 15-21.

Amazing program. Tell family and friends. Valuable. Free. Get ready for WCIW 2015.


Organizational Culture for Innovation Poll

Bob Eckert of New and Improved passed along a survey his company prepared to help people think about innovation from a strategic point of view.

I’m passing it along because it may help you with your clients and/or within your organization in anticipation of WCIW 2015.

Innovation Is Vital for Your Organization’s Survival: 10 Must-Learn Lessons From Sir Ken Robinson

Innovation is critical to both the success and the survival of organizations, and imagination is the spark that fuels it, Sir Ken argues.


A good list of reasons to engage in World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 this year. Thank you Sir Ken.  The link leads to his 90-minute presentation to marketing professors on the nature of innovation in organizations.

The 50 most critical scientific & technological breakthroughs required for sustainable global development | LIGTT: Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies

The main purpose of the 50 Breakthroughs study is to identify where game-changing technologies are most required. The study’s main objectives are to:

  1. Foster a thought-provoking conversation about the role of technology in solving the world’s most pressing problems, and focus effort on the breakthroughs that really matter.
  2. Provide contextual background for technologists, so that they can determine how their work can address these critical challenges.
  3. Provide decision-makers a guide to asking the hard–but important–questions.

In this study, we consulted with a large number of experts, but not all of them agree with our conclusions. We are certain that new evidence will disprove some of our conclusions and analyses. Still, we are sharing our findings because the problems we all seek to address require urgent action, and we can’t wait for perfect data.


Reading this report absolutely qualifies as a WCIW 2015 activity, on the proviso that you take some action as a result.  Game?

Creativity brews in one man’s garage

The sound of laughter and cheerful conversation flowed from the garage of U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo resident, Bob Schaffeld. It appears like any garage until the door swings open, and the smell of barley and hops wafts through the air; instantly your sense of smell comes to one conclusion — beer. This isn’t an ordinary man cave; it’s a place where creativity brews.


An example of passion led creativity and innovation in US Navy.  Lesson in perseverance.

Open for new ideas, new decisions, new actions


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